Personal Classes

If we don't have a class that you want, schedule a one-on-one class.

If you have a need that one of our classes doesn't address, or you feel you are beyond the basics, schedule a one-on-one class.  We offer 1 hour sessions to teach you what you need.

With a one-on-one session, you get a personalized curiculum based on your specific needs.  The cost is $75 which includes:

  • Prerequisite evaluation: we'll determine your starting point and discuss with you what you want to get out of the class - this can happen in person, over the phone, or through email
  • Syllabus: personalized outline of the course based on your needs
  • Classroom: scheduled, one hour session with one of our technology experts where you can ask as many questions as you need
  • Materials: you will receive a personalized reference document to keep   

We promise no homework!

Contact us and we'll start the process.