Computer Repair

If your computer is dead, broken physically or any other problem, computer repair can help you!

You are sitting at your computer and there is a bad storm outside. Lightning strikes and you lose power. When the power comes back on, your computer won’t turn on. Some of us may have experienced this or something like it.


It’s a heart sinking moment. All your important files are on that computer! Our computer repair services are here for this and other unforeseeable events that make your computer non-operational. Just like a car, your computer has parts that wear and tear and need repairs.


From hardware to software failure, our computer repair services can fix all issues. There is no job too big or small. We have extensive knowledge, knowhow and experience to make your computer repair go smooth and as stress-less as possible. All at an affordable rate. Computer repair is not limited to just desktops, we will repair laptops, 2 in 1s, All in Ones and other types of computers.


Some examples of computer repair:


  • Cracked Screen replacement
  • Broken components like a keyboard or mouse
  • Loose charging port
  • Hard Drive upgrade, replacement or repairs
  • Power supply testing and replacement


Call us today for your computer repair needs! Be sure to check out our other services listed on our Services Page!