Device Repair

We specialize in the repair of most devices.  Bring it in and we'll evaluate.

Each device repair is different and specific to the device; even two of the same devices will require a slightly different approach.  That's what sets us apart from other device repair companies.  We evaluate each and every device that enters our shop to pinpoint the exact problem and fix it.  That's also why no two quotes will be exactly the same.  The most common devices we see:

  • iPad Repairs
  • iPod Repairs
  • Chromebook Repairs
  • Microsoft Surface Repairs
  • Tablet Repairs
  • Kindle Repairs
  • e-Reader Repairs

Even if you do not see your device listed, we'll probably be able to fix it!  Bring your device in for an evaluation and custom quote.  We'll do our best to provide an idea of the timeframe based on the availability of parts.


Contact us or stop in, we look forward to meeting you!