Support for Every Stage of Your Technology's Life Cycle

Start with us, end with us, and visit us in between.  We have solutions for you in the store, on the phone, through email, and remotely. 


Thinking about getting a new phone?  How about an Ebook reader?  What about a PC vs Mac?  We can help direct you to the right purchase for YOU, not for commission or sales numbers.  Here at 360 Technology Solutions we aren't selling you the product so we are in the unique position to provide you an unbiased opinion.  Our staff is eager and happy to help.


When you get a new device, what good is it if you can't use it?  We fill the gap between purchase and repair by arming you with the basic knowledge of what your device can be doing for YOU!


Let's face a fact of life: you have to repair and maintain just about anything you purchase.  Technology is no different.  With the proper care, guidance, and teaching we aim to reduce unnecessary repairs to the devices you own while still being there for you when it does break down.  We help first by arming you with preventative maintenance skills, then with repair for the unfortunate events out of your control.


Have an old cell phone?  Turn it into a baby monitor!  How about an old PC/Mac?  Make it a home file server or media server to send video to your TV!  What about that old tablet?  Donate it!  At 360 Technology solutions, we bring you full circle back to the beginning stages of making the next purchase while still utilizing your device in a new way!

How We Provide Solutions

We have many options when it comes to providing support, you can:

  • Stop by our store in Fulton Station, 3715 Patriot Way, Unit 139, Wilmington, NC 28412
  • Give us a call at 910-239-8812
  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Remotely through our secure Bomgar client

We're here to help.  Contact us today for one or all of your technology solutions.