When you need to repurpose technology, we find the solution that is most environmentally friendly.  From new beginings to recycling.

Discarding Technology

If you are not sure how to dispose of your device, contact us.  There are many environmentally friendly options that may appeal to you.  Everyone hears of electronic recycling or e-recycling but to bring your device all the way to the New Hanover county landfill is a waste of time.

The 360 Difference

We offer a unique service called repurposing.  We repurpose our own devices.  We can help you determine the most environmentally friendly way to discard your technology.

Our Process

When you want to discard your technology, contact us to evaluate your options.  What you thought was waste could still be useful.  We'll evaluate your needs and discuss the options available.  We offer a full circle of support throughout the life cycle of your device.