When you need to repair technology, we are the solution to get you back up and running.  From computer repair to cellphone repair.

Fixing Technology

Everything your purchase will eventually break down.  Technology is no exception.  We'll be here for you when that time comes.

The 360 Difference

We can fix it.  We have experience with almost every device that's out there.  We have seen it all.  We want to see you get back on your feet quickly.

Our Process

Most times, the repair is easily recognizable.  For those times that you are not sure what is happening, we offer a unique diagnostic service to pinpoint the source of your frustration.  We will take a look and then contact you with our diagnosis to see how you would like to proceed. 

Click here for a list of our repair services then stop in for help.  We offer a full circle of support throughout the life cycle of your technology.