When you need to purchase technology, we tailor the solution for you and your individuality.  Unbiased support for success.

Choosing Technology

The choices for technology are overwhelming and seem limitless.  The choices for where to buy technology are overwhelming and seem limitless.  We offer you the ability to confidently choose a device that suits your needs.  Period.

The 360 Difference

We have experience.  We offer you unbiased expertise.  We want to see you succeed.  We will speak to you.  We will find out what you need. We will ask why you think you need it. 

Our Process

Through our unique set of questions, we will get preliminary information to process while you wait for your consultation.  We will sit down with you, evaluate your answers, and thoroughly explain the choices we think will be best for you.  Once you make a choice, we will help you comfortably make a purchase. 

Contact us or stop in to start the process. We offer a full circle of support throughout the life cycle of your technology.