When you need to learn technology, we teach the solution to get your technology working for you.  Offering 1 on 1 or group classes.


Using Technology

Technology is constantly changing and advancing.  What you knew about computers a year ago is already outdated and since technology is always changing, there will be something newer, smarter, and faster out there.  Because of this fact, you may be forced into something you might not know that much about.  We want to bridge that gap between purchase and use so you get the most out of your device.


The 360 Difference

We know technology.  We are constantly learning new things.  We use the newest devices.  We want to teach you the functionality of your device. 


Our Process

We offer introductory classes on most pertinent technology topics and more advanced classes for those who want to learn more.  Our classes are student driven rather than lecture based so there is plenty of time for questions and answers.  We also offer one on one classes on topics of your choosing.  See what we have to offer here

Sign up for one of our group sessions or schedule a one on one class.  We offer group rates and frequent student discounts.  We offer a full circle of support throughout the life cycle of your technology.



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