Social Media

September 24, 2014     |     By

Social Media has become a new standard of communication in our modern world.  For many individuals, they would find it hard to get by without posting on Facebook or sending out a tweet on their latest thought of the day.  For most businesses it has become essential that they use one form or another of social media to communicate their message.  360 Technology Solutions has taken up this practice as well, using multiple forms of media to update the community on our company.

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Kudos to Home Depot

September 23, 2014     |     By

With all the recent security breaches of major retail stores, it's nice to know one company is going above and beyond for its customers.  You've probably heard by now that Home Depot had their payment data systems hacked on September 8th by a malicious malware program named "zero days."  They have since remedied the issue and have apologized for any inconvenience caused and even offered to provide a year of credit monitoring to affected customers.  If you used a payment card at any Home Depot store between April and September of 2014, this link will provide the company statement and where you can sign up for the credit monitoring.  Also, they have a contact to remedy any fraudulent charges as a result of the breach:

Believe it or not, 360 Technology Solutions makes many purchases at the Wilmington, NC Home Depot in Monkey Junction.  We've outfitted our new office and have bought tools to assist in our computer, laptop, cell, and other device repair as well as wiring supplies for our many small business customers.  We'll be signing up for the credit monitoring for ourselves to protect our business and our personal information.  We encourage you to do the same.

While you're monitoring your credit, we also advise you to monitor your own computer and determine if it is a security risk.  We can help direct you where to look on your computer, we can help you scan and remove potential malware threats, install an anti-virus program which we know to be tried and true, and educate you on safe browsing practices to minimize potential risks and identity theft.  Contact us today or stop into our shop in Fulton Station, Suite 139.  If you mention this blog post between today and December 31st, 2014, we'll give you 10% off the price of our Virus Scan and Removal service!!



What is Repurposing

September 19, 2014     |     By

The lifespan of our technology is far from infinite, eventually it wears out, breaks down, or no longer fulfills its purpose as originally intended.  Technology is one of the fastest growing areas today, and that new device you purchased a year ago has already been replaced by a newer improved model.  That leaves the question of what to do with older outdated devices left laying around collecting dust.

The final step in the cycle of technology rests in discarding or repurposing old or unused devices.  When technology has run its course, you need to find a way to properly dispose of your devices, otherwise you may find yourself buried up to your neck with old tech.  360 Technology Solutions provides you with many options for this final step in the process.  If you're unsure how to properly dispose of unused technology, we have environmentally friendly options that may appeal to you.  When you're ready to dispose of your unwanted devices, stop by and we will run you through our evaluation process to determine what solution works best for you.  With our process of evaluation, we may be able to find a new way to repurpose your technology, allowing you to get more life out of that piece of tech. you bought all that time ago.

With the process 360 Technology Solutions uses in the final step of the lifecycle of technology, we make sure to make it easy on you and remove the burden of having to store and dispose of old devices you no longer use.  With our evaluation process, you may find yourself using your old devices in ways you never thought of before.  Stop on in today and let us give you a proper evaluation on that old technology laying around your house.



What is Repairing

September 18, 2014     |     By

Like most things that exist in our world, technology is far from perfect.  It is designed to function in a way that improves our lives and makes our daily tasks easier, however most devices will require some type of mainteneance.  Many times when your device seems to be fading or broken, it simply needs a tune up or a simple adjustment to get it up and running again.

An important step in the cycle of technology is repair.  It can be costly to skip this step as it could have you finding yourself buying the same thing over again instead of simply repairing it with a few easy steps.  At 360 Technology Solutions we take this burden off your hands.  We have experience with almost every device on the market today, and we have seen almost every error or malfunction you can run into.  With our knowledge we can promptly fix your device for you, sometimes immediatly so you can leave the shop with your device.  For those circumstances where a solution is not immediatly apparent, we will keep your device and run a unique diagnostic service to pinpoint the exact malfunction impairing your device, contact you, and let you confirm with us how you would like to proceed.

From now until December 31st 2014, to promote our special repair services, we are inviting all individuals to bring us quotes, estimates, and receipts you have for device repairs in 2014, and we will honor that price or ours (whichever is lower), plus include a special 10% discount off that total.

Stop in and see us today, we look forward to meeting you!