A Full Circle of Technology Solutions

From Purchasing to Repurposing, we provide solutions to bring your technology full circle.

Mission Statement

We wish to provide the community with solutions to fulfill one or all of the needs associated with the lifecycle of technology.  We will provide comfortable, non-judgmental, customer driven support through the four stages: purchasing, learning, repairing, and repurposing.  We will empower our customers to keep themselves safe, secure, and reduce their service calls.

Who We Are

We are the go-to place for the community when it comes to learning about and repairing technology as well as the go-to authority on home and small business setup of networks and servers.  We also offer a comfortable place to discuss new purchases and what to do with old technology.  We want our customers to have a liberating experience where they leave knowing more than when they walked in the door.  We want every customer to be confident and knowledgeable about their purchase and comfortable enough with us to bring back their device when it breaks or is no longer of use.

Technology can be intimidating to the novice user enough that they avoid using it or won't ask questions about it, especially around those who flex their "technology muscles."  We are everyday people who happen to know a little bit more than our customers.  We will treat our customers with the patience and consideration we would provide to our own family and keep things simple, easy, and comfortable.  We are in the business to help.