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  • A Full Circle of Technology Solutions

    A Full Circle of Technology Solutions

    From Purchasing to Repurposing, we provide solutions to bring your technology full circle.

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Meet Our Staff

Matthew Wahl

Partner, Directory of Technology

Brian Hagens

Manager, Director of Marketing

Deirdre Wahl

Partner, Director of Operations


"After they were finished working on my computer, it was running better than it had in years, it was virus free, my email was working again, and they even introduced me to a new virus software!"

Susan Lamers, Customer

“I own a small ad agency and need technology solutions...often. 360 Technology Solutions has made it possible for me to connect my employees and freelancers so we can work remotely when out of the office with no back and forth emailing and losing files. I feel comfortable knowing our network is secure and will always be up and running thanks to 360 Technology Solutions.”

Galvanek & Wahl Advertising Agency, Small Business Customer

“The BEST computer "bug" exterminator EVER!”

Janet Raymond, Customer